Humility and Repentance

As we have been focused on repentance and humility lately, I came across some thoughts I wrote a few years back.  And today, as we have been experiencing humility and repentance in our services,  we are seeing that they are kingdom keys  that unlock the doors to revival.  Let me share:

See, in my experience of  serving Jesus my whole life,  I have found that oftentimes when I am seeking comfort, all I find is correction.  Have you ever been there?  While pondering this, I felt like the Lord put this thought in my heart:

What if we humble ourselves and accept the correction, and let the hurt/anger/offense go AS IF comfort came?  Hmmmmm…. then I thought: what if receiving correction sets righteous vindication into motion?

Humility is often a costly price to pay…. but what if it’s the very price of our freedom?

What if receiving correction sets righteous vindication into motion?

Can you let the disappointment go? Can you let the anger go? Can you let the betrayal go and release blessing? Do you think Jesus was hurt when Peter- His closest friend on earth denied Him and betrayed Him? Of course He was! But He let it go and humbled Himself to the cross.

So many times I have desired a certain outcome and jumped in declaring it as God’s will, without seeking His will, and then when it doesn’t happen I have opportunity to be offended at God (futile), be disappointed,  or I have had to swallow my pride and realize it was me that missed it…God did NOT let me down.

I made the decision years ago when God and I disagree I am wrong! (Thank you Pastor Dave)

If you are struggling in a situation today, and can’t seem to find comfort or peace, might I suggest humbling yourself in prayer?  Ask the Lord for His truth in the situation and then move accordingly. Sometimes we have to repent before we understand it all.  Humility and repentance will lead us to understanding.  The Father draws near to those who have a contrite heart.

(Psalm 51:17)

When God and I disagree I am wrong! –
Pastor David Chisholm

Initially, it isn’t what we want, but wandering in the wilderness gets old and none of us should ever die there.

Be encouraged- our Father has the answer, and the key to unlock that answer is humility.

In any situation, humility followed by obedience to our God will lead us to the answer.