If there is one thing I know, it is we MUST continue to train up and reach the next generation. We are to leave legacy to our children and their children. What legacy? One of faith, hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, and the conviction to know why we stand and how.

Each year we have a summer conference, and each year the impartation of the Lord is more than we could imagine. I expect this year to be no less.

Do yourself and your family a favor and invest time in receiving the impartation God has for us this year. Along with our good friend Prophet Kevin Leal, we will have Apostle David Bendett from Corpus Christi, Texas. David has become a brother in our house with a heart for the family!

We have Pastor Tom and Prophetess Vicki Luther from Missouri. I met Vicki when we were in Bible College thirty plus years ago. This couple have a proven track record, solid teaching, and the prophetic flows with a great anointing through them!

Then we have Pastor Jeremy Robertson, a house favorite. I have never met a more passionate young man for Jesus Christ.

And last but not least, our very own Pastor Brian Adams, Trevor Wyatt and Nicole Robertson. Trevor and Nicole will be joining with JD, Nichole, and our own worship team, leading us into the throne room of God, and Brian will be doing what he does best, stirring us all!

Come on….

the youth had their camp last month, this is our time!

We kick things off on Sunday morning with Prophet Kevin and then we will have service Sunday evening at 6PM. But, remember, Monday through Wednesday our services will begin at 7PM with morning sessions each day starting at 10AM.

I cannot think of a better place to be, a better time to invest in your spiritual walk, or a better time to lay up wealth in God’s kingdom for generations. I promise you, you won’t be sorry you did!

See you there!

love ya,
Pastor Dave