God Still Speaks Through the Prophetic!

Prophetic word through Vicki Leuther 1.21.18 for Pastor Dave and the Rock:
I saw in my spirit, in this region, lightning shafts coming out of this house penetrating the atmosphere and causing light to come where darkness has been. That is the effect that this church will have. It will get thicker and thicker with the glory – you are going to affect a region. God has given you a region, He’s given it to you.

Your impact is changing. Your impact is changing. Pastor – it’s so deep in me – your impact is changing. It’s being re-charged – like you would come in and hook up batteries to recharge them. (like one car connected to another car to re-charge) I see that battery – and it’s not that he’s dead, but it’s being recharged for the impact. The impact is changing. It is being charged to impact a greater influence. I see you rising up in the middle of the shafts of lightning going out. I see you rising up – and it’s like you are this light that goes and just impacts and changes – changes the – it’s like when Joshua went in he changed the territories. They were evil, they were filled with death and darkness no hope but when Joshua and the children of I came in, they brought the presence of God right into the darkness. Your impact, God is charging you to be such an impact – I can see it so strong, it is powerful – it is not a little battery – it’s a CHARGED – it’s going to impact. WOW – I see that on you (Pastor Dave) so strong.

Something in the realm of the spirit here has been fought hard for. Prices have been paid for this. And it’s going to be well rewarded. Well rewarded. God knows those that have paid the price, those that have stood and fought a good fight in the hardest and toughest of times and that stood and believed – and you have seen some change, but oh, nothing compared to what is about to happen. It’s going to impact -as that charger charges him, so strong, it’s going to hit you – it’s going to impact and change you and change your finances. You are really being impacted – it’s just the time we are living in. It’s a great time

There was so much amazement in Joshua and all the people as they watched the walls come down. You know, when those walls just started falling down, don’t you know that they all stood and that they watched the awesomeness of God how He just came and He took every little piece of that wall and brought it down. I mean they had to stand there with a look on their face that said, WOW GOD! There was no denying that that was the power and the glory of God being manifested right before their eyes. And they looked and they watched and they began to shout – wouldn’t you shout? That’s what is going to happen in this place. Can you feel it? I can feel it. I know we don’t go by feelings, but I feel it. Whooo I feel that anointing on that. And I know when God is up to something. God is doing something.

(And I believe every time they took a step up those rocks to go in an conquer. They were seeing victory. They didn’t see defeat. You know those people on the other side that were about to die? That’s what is going to happen to some of your souls – they are gonna die. But when they went in there, they went in with a conquering spirit. They went in and they knew they weren’t going to be intimidated, they weren’t gonna be undaunted, they weren’t’ gonna be in that place. No, there wasn’t one of them, there wasn’t one of them, there wasn’t one of them that didn’t have that fire in their eyes. There wasn’t one of them that didn’t have that conquering spirit on the inside of them. There wasn’t one of them ready to draw back, they were all ready to go and take what God had for them.)

Are you all ready to go? And take? Because I am telling you, he is getting charged. And if you think he is a fireball now, you haven’t seen anything. And I believe this – and I may get in trouble with Miss Kyong, but I believe that “charge” (on him) is gonna – WHAP! Right onto you (Kyong) and there won’t be any trouble getting your on button on. That’s what’s going on – if you want to know what is going on?


The word above was delivered to us on Sunday morning, January 21, 2018. What Vicki did not know was four days earlier, Nichole Stewart delivered the following word to us. During a time of recent prayer, the Lord began to speak to Nichole and told her to “write this down”. She wrote it down as He gave it and then shared it with Pastor Dave. He, in turn, had her share this word with us Wednesday night, 1.17.18. Here is a word in season for our church which ended up going right along with what Vicki Leuther delivered the following Sunday:

When the shaking began many of you thought it was an attack from the enemy but this was My doing. I had to shake off the shell, the molding, the scaffolding, for I have been designing something new. There were those who were necessary for the beginning stages,who were necessary for the design, but they were not chosen for the movement. For what I have been building is for movement, and these were not equipped for moving they were only equipped to shape and mold. The shaking was to allow the life of what I have purposed, to breathe in Me and exhale Me. For inside the mold, a change took place; a metamorphosis. In this metamorphosis, you are going from what was to what is now – and what is to come.

You’ve only just began to scratch the surface of what I have done and what I am doing. Don’t fear the new thing or the unknown. The unknown to you is known to Me for I am eternity; I am in the past, present, and future. Your future is unknown to you but I am there and the steps of the righteous are ordered. Trust Me. Although everything feels different, it is time to to step out and MOVE! I have chosen you for this new movement – it’s not supposed to feel familiar! You are to be apart of the pioneers that will go first. Yes, it may feel like you are walking on water just keep your eyes focused on ME.

There are those who still love the molding- they cling to the molding. They will either have to let go of the molding or they will be shook off! You have grown beyond the molding. You no longer fit in the molding. You went from one thing, to a new thing with new purpose! No longer limited to what was and who you were before. So I say LET GO of the old LET GO of what was LET GO of what was familiar!! FAITH walk in FAITH not by sight! I will not pour new wine in an old wine skin! You want more…. you cry out for more? Do you not realize the depths of Me? The fullness of who I am are like the many waves that crash upon the shore that bring forth something new with each crashing wave. Again, I say keep your focus on Me, lock eyes with Me, we have MORE to do.