Pastor’s Blog 7.25.18

I don’t know about you all but I am still recovering from the summer conference! What an incredible week! I am processing the truths that were released and still feeling the physical effects of the glory of God. I am looking forward to tonight for sure! Once you stir up the gifts of God, and really have some quality time in the presence of God, everything else in life just pales in comparison. Charles Finney always taught that for revival to ignite there would be a presupposition that the church is to some degree backslidden. He also taught that every believer would need revival about every seven days. He further taught that revival was not a sovereign move of God, but a result of the implementation of applying the eternal truths of the Kingdom of God and confronting the sin in the lives of Christians. (yes, Christians!)

Kevin Leal made the statement that revival is not a meeting, and I would add it is also not a crowd. Revival is conversion of cold or lukewarm Christians to hot. The result is a true love born (anew) that will cause us to care again that the majority of the people around us are going to hell if they don’t repent. The seeker sensitive movement is perhaps one of the greatest opponents to real revival. When people are comforted, instead of convicted in there lawless, sinful lives… and falsely secured by “easy believism”, there is no fear of God to awaken in them the passion and discipline to say no to the pleasures of sin and worldliness.

To quote Finney, “Many good Christians suppose that the best way to promote Christianity is to go along uniformly, gathering in the ungodly gradually, without excitement. However good, such reasoning appears in the abstract, the facts demonstrate its futility. If the church had principles and knowledge stable enough to stay awake, a slow even course could work. But faced with so little enlightenment and so many antagonists, the church will not work steadily without these awakenings.”

Recently a gentleman who had been visiting our meetings told me, “I haven’t felt anything like this in a long time. The church we have been attending is full of sin and the Pastor will say nothing against or about it.” Another family who have been in church all their lives also attended our conference, and they sent a text to me yesterday and said, “this is the first healthy church they have ever seen.” We are by no means perfect but we are “fighting” the good fight of faith and laying hold of eternal life! 1 Tim 6:12

Tonight’s message is “Staying filled in a draining world”. It doesn’t just happen. When we do what God tells us to do we can expect what God tells us to expect. Hope to see ya tonight! Don’t go the lazy way and just stay home and watch online, press in to the Kingdom and experience revival!

Be blessed!
love ya,
Pastor Dave