Pastor’s Blog 9.2.20

1 John 2 1:6 TPT
You are my dear children, and I write these things to you so that you won’t sin. But if anyone does sin, we continually have a forgiving Redeemer who is face-to-face with the Father: Jesus Christ, the Righteous One. He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.

The New Commandment

Here’s how we can be sure that we’ve truly come to know God: if we keep his commands. If someone claims, “I have come to know God by experience,” yet doesn’t keep God’s commands, he is a phony and the truth finds no place in him. But the love of God will be perfected within the one who obeys God’s Word. We can be sure that we’ve truly come to live in intimacy with God, not just by saying, “I am intimate with God,” but by walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

Today we are seeing the reality of deception on a culture like we have not seen in my lifetime. Darkness is manifesting not because it is more powerful than light but because the light has been turned off for the majority of people in our land. I would venture to say right now that 90% of children are being raised in America without a Biblical worldview being taught to them.

Now even fewer people are attending church where they should be learning the truths of the Kingdom of God and they sure are not watching online! It is really a testimony to the power of light to see any morality at all still existing in our land. With just a remnant of the nation still actually serving God there is still some light in the land.

This November, we are once again going to cast our vote towards light or darkness.There are three sins the Bible specifically declares will bring absolute judgment in the land, killing of the unborn or children, homosexuality, and bestiality. You will vote for two of the three this November! Although we know bestiality exist in our land it has not yet become a platform for a political party like the other two have. If you vote Democratic, you vote for God to judge our land as you have joined the deviates who have overturned God’s moral law in their wills.

Despite all his imperfections President Trump has supported the cause of Christ in our Nation more than any other President in my lifetime including Reagan and the Bushes! As a leader in the Church I will continue to warn and shine the light into the darkness of this political agenda for same-sex marriage and abortion. The leaders of the same-sex movement having openly disclosed there true agenda is to eliminate all gender predispositions and have become so perverted in their agenda that they want every boy and girl to choose their gender and then have the government with your tax dollars pay for the sex change drugs and operations!

As a believer you will give an account before God on which agenda you support by casting your vote!

Lord, I pray today that you awaken your body to the righteous cause of protecting the unborn and now newborn and the sanctity of marriage!

It is a sad day when the republican convention has more about following the law of God than most churches, and the republican leaders are bolder for God than the pulpits of the American church!

Vote righteousness!