Power in the Blood of Jesus…

I participated in a murder…I was guilty, but now I am free! What murder? The crucifixion of Jesus. I was born guilty of His death, but now I have been reborn of His blood and now I am FREE! Guilt and shame gone! Let me explain….

This morning before work, I took communion.  I love partaking of the covenant meal and reminding the enemy that I am covered by the blood of Jesus and I include my family and others I love as well! 

It’s so wonderful to partake of the same meal that Jesus did with His disciples.  I love the benefits of communion and if you have never studied those, I encourage you to do so.

As I was going to work and praying and talking to the Lord, these words came out of my mouth…..I participated in a murder and therefore, I am covered in blood.  (WOW)

See, it was MY sins that nailed Jesus to the cross.  It was MY dis-ease that caused Him to be beaten and bruised.  It was my anxiety that caused Him to be chastised.  I wasn’t physically there, but my sins were.

I’d like to believe that had I been there, I would have been on the right side of history – however, I am thankful that I AM on the right side today!

But, let’s think about this – if a person participates in a brutal murder, they leave covered in blood.  Everywhere they go, the blood goes with them until they wash it off.  If they get in their car, go to the store, go home, that blood goes with them and gets on things….

As I walked into the Post Office today, I thought, the blood of Jesus is going with me…..the blood of Jesus is now on the PO Box.  It is everywhere I go today.  Today, I applied the blood of Jesus to my life afresh and anew and the good news is, I did not have to participate in a murder to do so because the blood of Jesus was a sacrifice, is eternal and now covers the mercy seat in the throne room of heaven! 

Therefore, as believers, we can apply the blood daily and receive the benefits!  Because His blood was and is redemptive, we are not held responsible for His death but we participate in the  power of His death, burial and resurrection! We benefit from the ultimate sacrifice!  Glory to God!  As a matter of fact, whenever we confess our sin and He forgives according to 1 John 1:9, We know that His blood cries out for us!  Forgive!  Restored!  Free!

The Lord said to me one time, if Abel’s blood cried out for for revenge, how much more does My blood cry out for mercy and forgiveness!  WOW!  Our King could have condemned us, but instead, He chose to die for us and redeem us!  What a Savior!

Only God could take an act so vile, so inhumane as the crucifixion and turn it around for the redemption of humanity.  Only a perfect God could love us enough to die for us and take our punishment and death!

As I took communion today, and I applied the breaking of His body, to the broken places in mine, I believe I am healed. I believe my family are covered today as they are part of my heritage and covenant with God. As I sealed this act with the power of His shed blood, I ratified the covenant of the New Testament.  Hebrews 12:24 says His blood speaks a better word! 

Today, I reminded the devil that I, and all that belongs to me, is covered by and protected by the blood of Jesus.  The very thing that is his ultimate defeat. We remind him of his final destiny every time we partake of this act!

A few years back I wrote a song and the words are so powerful, I want to share them with you today.

The Blood speaks, it cries holy, the blood speaks it cries aloud. The blood speaks to cover many, the blood speaks, can you hear it now?

It cries sanctify, justify, I’ve covered all your sins, it cries purify cause Jesus Christ has made you whole again! It cries sanctify, justify I’ve covered all your sins, it cries purify cause Jesus Christ has made you whole again!

The blood speaks, as our defender, the blood speaks, against our foe. The blood speaks to those who listen, it says I’ve washed you white as snow!

The lamb was slain, the price was paid for sinner and the slave. Redemption came, salvation’s trade took all my guilt and shame.

It cries Sanctify! Justify! I’ve covered all your sins, it cries Purify for Jesus Christ has made you whole again.