The Determination of a Seed

I am always amazed when I walk along a sidewalk or parking lot and see a random flower or weed breaking through a crack in the pavement. I have seen whole trees like this. Grant it this process took time, but it still amazes me the determination for a seed to come to fruition.

Think about it. Long ago, or at least at some time ago, a seed was sown or lodged in the soil. Before it germinated, a parking lot or sidewalk, or whatever, was placed over top of it. So, what did it do? It waited…..waited for a crack in the concrete so that water could get to it. Once water got to it, the germination process began. And we all know that if there is a crack for water, light penetrates as well. And then we know the rest of the story, the seed grows and pushes itself up out of that hardened shell on top of it until it reaches full stature! Do you see where I am going with this?

One of my favorite, if not my favorite verse in the Bible is Proverbs 11:21b- the seed of the righteous shall be delivered. The word seed in this verse by Strong’s definition means – seed, sowing, offspring, children, descendants, sowing time. And delivered means, escape, save life, give birth, preserve, speedily, surely.

How marvelous. So we see that as we, believers who are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, our seed, our sowing, our children, descendants and sowing time, shall be delivered, shall escape, give birth, be preserved, speedily, surely.

Many of us have sown much in the way of finances and are waiting on our harvest. We have sown acts of kindness and service, and some have children who are prodigals. I have good news for you today! Our seed is being delivered! Speedily and surely!

You say, but I have been waiting for years….listen, in the light of eternity, it is speedily and surely. We all know the timing of the Lord is the best because He knows and sees things we do not.

What is our part? I am glad you asked!

The pavement and/or sidewalks of our lives……

Some of us have been sowing for so long and because we haven’t seen the harvest we desire, have allowed our hearts to get hard in the area of sowing and seeds. You hear sow a seed and immediately you roll the eyes of your heart because your faith has grown cold. You essentially have parked yourself right on top of your seedbed and are waiting, but not in a good way. Not in faith, but more of, is it ever going to happen? Ladies and gentlemen, doubt has just formed a layer over your heart and over your seedbed. Once doubt forms, then hope deferred will come shortly and before you know it, you will have a whole parking lot filled with people you have talked with who feel the same way you do.

Then there are some of us who are indignant at thinking we have a hard heart. However, sometimes the path we are walking on becomes so familiar, it is like a concrete sidewalk. We have beat the path and poured concrete on it “to make our way smoother,” so to speak. How? Oh, by giving in to lies that it’s not necessary to tithe and give or held back when we had it in our hands to do good. Doing this hardens our heart in giving and sowing. We have gotten our eyes off the word and its truth and began to focus on what we see.

The same can happen when believing for a prodigal child, spouse or relative. Don’t allow their actions pave a parking lot on your seedbed. THE SEED OF THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL BE DELIVERED!

Ask the Lord if you have allowed your heart to be paved hard by hope deferred or even delay in your harvest. BREAK UP, BUST UP THAT CONCRETE with the jackhammer of the word! Jeremiah 23:29 says IS NOT MY WORD A HAMMER THAT BREAKS A ROCK INTO PIECES?

Now, when praying for a person that needs to come to the Lord, we call for cracks in the hardness of their hearts! Holy Spirit is great at this! We ask for God to send laborers across their paths! We release angels to them to orchestrate conversations, memories and events that will soften their hearts to the gospel! Then as cracks manifest, others will come along and sow seeds, and our prayers will water! Holy Spirit will shine His warmth on them – IF WE PRAY AND BELIEVE!

For the prodigals, those who once were in the kingdom, but have strayed – start speaking to the seeds that are already inside of them. Agree with the determination of the seed of the word of God on the inside of them to begin to rumble and stir so that the cracks will become crevices and light and water (truth and conviction) will saturate that seed til it has no choice but to bust through that hardness!

A seed is more determined to manifest that we can fathom.

Read this short paragraph I found online –

Whether large cracks or tiny cracks the plants find already existing cracks in the concrete. That doesn’t mean the growth of the plant won’t put additional pressure on the crack, between retained moisture or woody stems pressuring outward, but a plant doesn’t break through concrete. They remarkably find every possible crack to get through. Whether a seed exists below the concrete or blows into the crack, water gets washed into the crack at each rainfall and doesn’t soak into the rest of the concrete as fast as it runs down the crack, so the plant gets more water than usual. So fast growth for concrete plants. (Link:Seeds growing through concrete)

So, while the seeds we have sown need us to break any hardness of our hearts, the seeds in others need cracks. Cracks can come many different ways….and let me tell you EVERYONE has a crack – everyone. The Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. That’s a good place to start. Love the people that need to come back. It is the goodness of God that leads to repentance. Love them, be a blessing to them, show them the love of Jesus, and all the while we are widening the crack. As it becomes a crevice, we continue to speak the word over them and call their God given destiny to come forth! We worship and thank God for the turnaround we believe that is coming! We rejoice in the harvest coming. We get rid of any and all hardness in us!

I pray that as you go about the days ahead, every time you see a flower, plant, growth, that has busted through concrete, this word comes to your mind and renews your faith. Think about it, how many weeds are always not only popping everywhere we don’t want them, but crab grass, briers and dandelions are very prevalent around sidewalks and parking lots, especially ones that have been paved for a while. Nobody intentionally plants weeds, yet because they come from seeds they grow and DO WHAT SEEDS DO! How much more will our Father bless our seed sown with purpose, love and faith?

The seed of the righteous shall be delivered. The seeds we have sown, whether financial, kindness, in our children and in others, those seeds are determined to germinate and grow. It matters not the hardness of heart over them, they (even though they don’t realize it) are waiting for the cracks to be watered. The seeds, though deep, have a life of their own. God set it in motion when He said – as long as the earth remains, (Genesis 8:22) so will seedtime and harvest! Friends, we can’t lose. With the determination within the seed itself, the power of God in His word we speak, as we water these seeds, release our faith, pray and bring “sonshine” to these seeds – OUR SEEDS, THE SEEDS OF THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL BE DELIVERED!