God still speaks…..

God still speaks to His people today. Don’t you love that? Who would want to serve a God that never spoke to you? Oh, we have His word, and that is forever settled in heaven, I am not taking away from that. However, in a personal relationship, there is communication! As the Spirit of God speaks the heart of God to us and through us, we then judge all words given by THE WORD. We have the Logos, or written word of God, and we have the Rhema, or revealed word of God. And the Rhema (spoken) must ALWAYS be in line with the Logos (written).

In this year so far, we have had a theme of sorts in the words that the Lord speaks to our house. This is not all of them, but a few that I have recorded and seem to build upon each other. Let’s take a look:

This movement is of the Spirit, it’s not a movement that can be done by flesh or man’s ways or ideas. This a movement that can only be done through birthing, through warring in the Spirit. This is not something that can be done in your own ways- hahaha. (I heard God laugh!) This is a movement of God. Who will… who will lament? Who will birth in, bring forth what is coming? Who will say yes? Who will humble themselves? Who will pay a price for reformation, for a revolution, a Spiritual Revolution? Who will travail? Who will lay down themselves for the call, for this movement?

Hear the clarion call!!!!! Again, I say not by might, not by power, but by MY Spirit! Hahaha- how prideful are man’s plans and ideas to think that what it takes to “take a region” is their own doing. Hear the Spirit, hear the Call, hear the Sound of Movement!!!! As given to Nichole Stewart Feb. 2018

John 12:29 says “When the crowd heard the voice, some thought it was thunder, while others declared an angel had spoken to him.”
We must be a people who heeds the voice of the Lord. God still speaks to His people. Now, let’s take a look at another word from the Lord given through Nichole in January of this year…..

When the shaking began many of you thought it was an attack from the enemy but this was My doing. I had to shake off the shell, the molding, the scaffolding, for I have been designing something new. There were those who were necessary for the beginning stages,who were necessary for the design, but they were not chosen for the movement. For what I have been building is for movement, and these were not equipped for moving they were only equipped to shape and mold. The shaking was to allow the life of what I have purposed, to breathe in Me and exhale Me. For inside the mold, a change took place; a metamorphosis. In this metamorphosis, you are going from what was to what is now – and what is to come.

You’ve only just began to scratch the surface of what I have done and what I am doing. Don’t fear the new thing or the unknown. The unknown to you is known to Me for I am eternity; I am in the past, present, and future. Your future is unknown to you but I am there and the steps of the righteous are ordered. Trust Me. Although everything feels different, it is time to step out and MOVE! I have chosen you for this new movement – it’s not supposed to feel familiar! You are to be apart of the pioneers that will go first. Yes, it may feel like you are walking on water just keep your eyes focused on ME.

There are those who still love the molding- they cling to the molding. They will either have to let go of the molding or they will be shook off! You have grown beyond the molding. You no longer fit in the molding. You went from one thing, to a new thing with new purpose! No longer limited to what was and who you were before. So I say LET GO of the old LET GO of what was LET GO of what was familiar!! FAITH walk in FAITH not by sight! I will not pour new wine in an old wine skin! You want more…. you cry out for more? Do you not realize the depths of Me? The fullness of who I am are like the many waves that crash upon the shore that bring forth something new with each crashing wave. Again, I say keep your focus on Me, lock eyes with Me, we have MORE to do. (January 2018)

And then we have this utterance given through the gift of a tongue and interpretation on Sunday, April 22, 2018:

BE STEADFAST! BE STEADFAST! BE STEADFAST in the liberty in which I have made you free! And be not entangled again with yoke of bondage. Don’t go back, to that which has been shaken… I have caused a shaking to come upon your house. I caused a shaking to come, that that which can be shaken will be shaken and will fall away. BUT THE LORD SAYS I AM SENDING A SHAKING. STEADFAST! BE STEADFAST IN THE LIBERTY IN WHICH I HAVE MADE YOU FREE AND BE NOT AGAIN ENTANGLED WITH THE YOKE OF BONDAGE! (Tongue through Garry Murray and interpretation through Gary Steed with great boldness)

God is speaking! He is giving us insight, He is speaking of a Movement from HIM, a shaking from HIM, for us to let go of the past, be not entangled again in things from which He has already set us free, that the shaking is of Him – to keep our eyes and our focus on Him. Be steadfast! In other words – HOLD STEADY! We must do as Proverbs 3 says and acknowledge Him in all our ways and allow Him to direct our paths! No more familiar – we must seek His ways!

In 1 Corinthians 13:9, the Bible says we know in part and we prophesy in part. It is important to pay attention to the “parts” as they come. They are like pieces to a puzzle and we put them together as we go. In these words above, Again, God is speaking! He mentions movement, shaking, and holding steady or being steadfast. He says to keep our eyes on Him. Let go of the past!

Tanya Nangle recently shared with us during the last REACH service, that to activate the prophetic words given we are to honor and value them. She said that when you value something and it is important to you, you show it honor. Let’s not get so accustomed to His presence, that we forget to show Him the honor and value of when He speaks! Let us meditate and pray over these words. Let us be good stewards of the prophetic gifts given to us for they are weapons in our arsenal and road signs for our journey!