Prophetic Exhortation 8.12.18

Prophetic exhortation that came forth Sunday AM:

I hear the Lord say “You question the disconnect you are feeling, it’s on you not me-for you must press. (you say) Why do I not feel what these others appear to? It’s because they press. If you want the oil from the olive it must go through a pressing. Both the trials of life will be a pressing but also your own choice of pressing into the pursuit of the Father. I’m tired of chasing you down tapping you on your shoulder and beckoning over and over while u swat me away, annoyed by what it may cost you for more; there’s a cost for relationship, there’s a cost for revival.

You must press for the anointing. For the outpouring of the spirit there must be a cleansing. You cannot expect to get warmed by the fire by sitting in the shadows on the outskirts of camp. You must press in and get close to get warmed, to catch a spark, to be set ablaze you must get next to the fire. Will it hurt? Yes, at times, but it only hurts in the places I must burn away in a refining purge of your flesh and sin. You cannot continue a selfish mindset of Me pursuing you and that pursuit never turning to Me and have revival. You must decide. Pursue your own desires or leave it all and be my disciple, my flame carrier, my remnant. You cannot experience the movement I’m bringing in the church without you being involved in the movement. My church isn’t a building it is all of you sitting in this room. YOU are individually making up My church. You must come closer to the fire. You cannot expect to set the darkness ablaze with the light of truth without getting closer to the fire. Allow My fire to cleanse you and take you deeper. Let me draw you out of what’s happened to you and the victim mentalities and remind you of my power and who I am when you come closer to me. Come close I am calling COME TO ME. Come out of hiding! I’ve not forgotten you but have you forgotten Me? Nothing is hidden from Me anyway I see it all. Come to Me my bride! Come allow Me to cleanse and set you free and ablaze with the fire of reformation to change the course of this blackened world! COME to Me!”

Now she gives insight…….
When I heard this on Saturday- the thing that kept popping out at me is that we, the church has an epidemic of making what has happened to them and making what happened in their sin, and what they’ve done, bigger than God and what God’s done for us. The church has an epidemic of thinking “I’ve done this, so I can’t be who I am called to be, and all these things have happened to me and they are limiting me.” But what He is saying is – “You can’t let certain chapters and moments dictate your entire story. You can’t stay in that moment and be limited by that and let the devil continue to deceive you and keep you in hiding.”

I see God just roaming the earth like He did in the garden after Adam and Eve hid in their shame – He is roaming around saying “Where’s My bride? Where’s My church? Why are you hiding?”

Everything you need is inside of you. He has already placed everything in you that you need. You just have to draw close to the fire and let Him ignite that and let Him set you ablaze- we all have our things that have happened to us. But, you can’t stay there and let the enemy convince you that is where your story ended – you gotta press past it! You gotta move on! Your freedom might be what sets off a chain reaction to someone else’s freedom. On the other side of your testimony, might be someone else’s freedom. You gotta get that inside of you.

So, can I prophesy over you this morning? Can I prophesy that “You will be a people of freedom! You will be a people of victory! You will walk and you will not grow weary in what the world throws at you, but you will stand firm and you will be His disciples. You will no longer live limited in what has happened to you. You will rise above it and you will be His bride!”

Say this – I am not a victim! Say it like you have had a Damascas road encounter with God and a revelation of who He is – say I am not a victim – I am free, I am victorious! Now sound your alarm church! Let the devil know there are some people getting free in this house. Let the devil know fire is catching in Parkersburg- let the devil know we are taking back who we are called to be. We won’t believe the lies, we won’t believe the lies, we won’t believe the lies because we are free. Now walk in freedom!

– Emily Ferguson 8.12.18

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