God still speaks….

Word of the Lord through Pastor Dave Sunday 9.9.18

“I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying “the great delusion has begun – the delusion that I have warned about for generations has begun. The time is now manifest where men begin to call good evil and evil good. And it’s happening yes in your very midst. And you are watching the world turn away from Me and you are watching so many turn back to the beggarly elements of this world. But I tell you that if you will continue to seek me with your whole heart, I will guard you from the day of deception that is coming upon the earth for I have already warned you that the time has coming, whenever if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived. And I am telling you now, My church, stay strong in Me. Seek Me with your whole heart, and I will be there to keep you in the day of evil that is coming upon this earth. I will be there to keep you and I will be there to keep your heart and your mind. I will guard you, I will guard you and My very peace that passes all the understanding of this world will keep you, your heart and your mind safe with me.”

Word of the Lord through Emily Ferguson 9.12.18

“God has been hammering me on unity these last few weeks. And it sounds really good to sing, to love as God loves, but we have to do it. It has to be more than an emotion in worship. God showed me recently that the two things that is hindering the out pouring on this house is UNITY and SELF-PITY. He actually showed me a bunch of Christians – He called it a Christian holocaust – and we are killing ourselves and our destinies with self-pity. He showed me a bunch of Christians on a ship with a bomb that went off and it drowned and went to the bottom of the sea. And when I looked at the interpretation of the dream, it meant self-pity and drowning yourself in self- pity. YOU’RE NOT A VICTIM! What has happened to you is not who you are. What the world labels you, what your parents labeled you, or the people who wounded, what happened to you labeled you, that is not what God calls you. That’s not what God calls you. He calls you His! He calls you daughter! He calls you son! He calls you chosen, set apart, victorious,……what He is laying on me is that we have to rise above this stuff. If you look at the early church they were not whining and crying about the stuff that happened to them. They were being burned alive, sawn in half and killed just because they were claiming to love God. And we want to lay around and cry because stuff gets hard sometimes. It’s time we rise up as the church and be a safe place for one another. We have to stop judging one another, we have to stop pointing our fingers at one another because they sin differently than you do. It’s time we stop pointing our weapons across the pews at each other and start pointing them at the darkness like we are supposed to do – arm in arm, shield next to shield, blocking the darts from one another. No longer letting there be gaps, gaps in the line because we are too busy guarding ourselves instead of guarding one another. Let’s let the walls down and become one. We cannot be an army that is fighting one another and make any room (progress) into the darkness. We have to come together in unity.”