Spiritual Birthing…….

The word of the Lord through Gary Steed November 28, 2018:

During praise and worship, I saw this in the spirit…years ago when a couple was pregnant with their child, they would go to the hospital at the appointed time, and they would take her to the birthing room, but he had to wait in the waiting room.  (in the old days)

I saw a man whose wife was in the birthing room and he is in the waiting room and he’s pacing the floor – he’s looking at his watch, he’s anticipating the birth of their first child – and he’s praying and anticipating that time.

Then I saw the woman in the waiting room, and she starts into travail because of the pain and the anguish of the baby pressing down and there is a travail involved.  Then the child comes forth.  And the husband in the waiting room is notified and he gets to go in and see his baby and rejoice with his wife.

I believe the Holy Spirit is saying to us – “Are you anticipating the birth of that new child in your life?  At the appointed time?  THIS is that appointed time.  The child is full term.  Are you waiting for that birth?  Are you like that husband in the waiting room – are you anticipating the birth of something on the inside of your inner man that has not been there before?  Are you anticipating that?  Are you wondering….oh Lord, what’s going on?  Is it happening right now?  Are you anticipating that?  Do you desire?  Are you excited about this event that is happening in your life? Are you that woman in travail with the Spirit, and says oh Lord, Your promise, Your seed has been planted inside of me and now it is the time, now it is the time it is coming forth, – are you in travail for it to be brought forth?”

Paul said in Galatians that he labored that til Christ be formed in them, in us. We can enter in the time of travail!  It’s time to labor in the church, it’s time to labor to bring forth a new destiny in our lives – not only in our families, but in our inner man.  It’s time to bring forth a new child, a new beginning in our life.

So I pray – “Father in the name of Jesus, I pray for a time of anticipation, a time of excitement, a time of renewal, a time of bringing forth a new life… in our families, in our inner man.  Father, we seek You Lord with an urgency!  We know what You have said and we know what You have planted inside of us, and now is the time for it to come forth!  It is full term – it is time to come forth!  A new child, a new beginning in our lives!

So -cry out to the Lord and labor – go into labor, go into labor, go into labor to bring forth a new beginning in your life.  Go into labor, travail before the Lord to bring forth a new life in you, a new life in your family, in your friends, a new life in your witness.  Travail in the Spirit for that which has been planted for now is the time.  Now is the time when it is to come forth!